Ringar (silver och titan)

Titan är roligt att jobba med. Det går inte att löda men vanlig hemutrustning, så man måste hitta på andra sätt att sätta ihop smyckena. Man blir mer som en ingenjör, konstruktioner och lösningar blir en del av designen.

Working with titanium is fun. You can not solder it with regular studio equipment, so you have to think of other ways to assemble the pieces. You become more of an engineer, constructions and solutions become part of the design. (Translation added February 2014)

2 thoughts on “Ringar (silver och titan)

    • I only have these two. I made them many years ago and have been wearing them myself. I never thought of selling them, but have to admit I am very happy that you asked! If I’d reconsider or will make similar ones, you’ll be the first one to know! I do continue working with titanium, though.
      Funny, this was my second blog post ever, and the first one with photos. I was tempted to “fix it” now, but decided not to. This is really what it looked like back then. The only thing I did now was to add a translation in English.
      And, if you’re interested, these rings appear in a later blog post about how paper can be useful in the process: https://galeriaredelius.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/paper/

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