Power lines… or jewellery designs?


While driving back from Sweden to the Netherlands we passed through Denmark. The power lines caught my attention, I could not stop starring at them. They were standing there in line as tall dancers, choreographers of energy flowing through the landscape.

I have always liked power lines. As a child, I was intrigued by the small ones that cut through the forest and create what we literally call a “power line street” (kraftledningsgata in Swedish). A straight line of open space, contrasting the irregular paths of the forest. The big power lines that cross the open landscape also fascinate me. Huge but delicate structures that look so light, but can carry such heavy weights. And the isolating glass discs they carry are like ice-green beads.

I can see jewellery in this. I don’t yet know how and what, but there is something in these repetitive structures that waits to take shape around a neck, as a pendant or necklace. As a matter of fact, I’m not suprised if jewellery pieces like that already exist, somewhere, made by someone, at some point.

It did not take much of googling to find some great new power line designs. My favourite so far is Land of Giants, refered to as “a poem for the eyes”. Beautiful, that’s exactly how I see them: they are characters, they walk and dance and carry. We owe a lot to them, actually, so whether you find them beautiful or not, you can only read this blog post thanks to one of them.

My “power line nerd week” is now over, but I will keep these structures in my mind, for sure. When I’m in the mood for some fine solder work, who knows what will materialise…?

Were you ever inspired by power lines in your designs or craft work?

3 thoughts on “Power lines… or jewellery designs?

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  2. I have experienced the same intrigue with seeing power lines and wondering how it would translate to jewellery. I used to drive back and forth along the New Jersey turnpike btw. NYC and Philadelphia, and all these lines would be all there was for miles. Would be great to see pieces made from this idea!


    • Great to hear from you and to know I’m not the only one with these thoughts! Do you know what I just did? I checked the location you mentioned on Google map. I was curious whether you can at all see power lines there, and actually, you can. The structure from above, with the shadows on the ground, and also in street view, as if you are standing on the highway. Pretty amazing… I also took the time to browse your blog, a great one – and with a great name too, as yes, art does matter! Look forward to be following you.
      (And as for the jewellery, I just started working on a simpler wire structure, also inspired by cables/wires, but this time during train travels. A “warming up” exercise, perhaps.)


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