Titanium speaks: “This is who I am”

I have heard men declare how much they like titanium, because it is so hard and so strong. It’s masculine, they add, with great emphasis. No. That is not how I see it. And I can also resist the temptation to respond with the opposite argument, that it is a particularly feminine metal.

No, titanium is what it is. You have to work with it, it’s difficult to shape, and you can not ignore the resistance it gives you. Still, when you simply work with it, and let it be what it is, it will reward you, immensely.

Look at the colours and the reflections of these raw surfaces, simply cut with a saw, then left as they are, some of them oxidised with heat to bring out different colours.

See what the titanium has to tell you: “This is who I am”. That is what it says. That is what I like to think when I use titanium like this. Not polished, not shaped with force to fit someone else’s idea, but just cut with the saw and brought into the open. Oxidation brings out the colours. And even in its own plain natural grey, it is beautiful.

So, I’d argue that titanium is not masculine, nor feminine. It is just how we all are inside: we carry a spectrum of colours, and depending on how we’re treated, the colours will show.

Titanium speaks: This is who I am.

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