Vintage buttons on stage

vintagebutton_1eAs a child, I loved to explore the spare buttons that my mother kept, a mix of odd buttons of all sorts. Over the past years, I have been bying vintage buttons, thinking to use them for jewellery, or let them become that little extra on a knitted winter scarf.

This has not happened yet, and for some of those buttons, it never will.

What? Because I’m a working mother, I don’t even have the time to sew a few buttons on a piece of leather for a bracelet? Come on, bad excuse.

No. It is because I simply like these buttons as they are. In my eyes, they have transcended from the practical to the intriguing. They no longer fill the purpose of silently attaching fabrics to each other, day after day. They deserve to get full attention.

They seem to have stories to tell about umbrellas or shells on the beach or about mirrors waiting to be filled with faces. And with some photo editing, pale colours become vibrant.

I will not go on any longer about it, but invite you to browse these photos. At the end, I have a few questions for you, if you are in the mood to share your thoughts.








Do you have things that “transcended” from their original purpose to something else, in your eyes? If so, what do/did you do with them?

And I’m wondering… We use buttons for all kinds of things, there is a number of great button jewellery artists out there, for example. Is it also the other way around, are there other things than buttons that can serve as buttons?

Feel free to grab these photos from here and reuse them if you want to. I release them to the global community. The buttons are safe here with me!


6 thoughts on “Vintage buttons on stage

    • I can imagine you make very nice things with buttons. I browsed your blog and saw other things you’ve made, like the laptop cover, good idea. And I have to confess, I’m a bread lover too… I recommend anyone who likes baking to stop by your blog and enjoy the recipes (and the photos!), one looks more delicious than the other, I wouldn’t know where to start. You are a great writer too, if more people wrote recipes like you do, we would live in a world of home bakers, I’m sure.

  1. Those square buttons that look like little frames around abalone or mother of pearl – those are incredible. Where did you ever find such little miniature works of art?! Beautiful pieces.

    • I found all of these buttons on our local weekly market. The couple who sold sewing stuff (needles, thread, buttons, zips, scissors, ribbons, etc) had once taken over the entire stock from someone who retired after many years in the business. They retired themselves a few years ago.

  2. I too have a button obsession ever since I was let loose on my Aunts button tin when I was 4. Thankfully there was no one around who thought I would be silly enough to eat them. I played endless games sorting them into colours and shapes, pretending they were precious jewels or foreign currency from a land of fables. I owe a lot to buttons.

  3. It seems like a lot of people have some kind of special relation to buttons. Thank you for sharing your button memories! I remember the sorting, and having favourites. My top favourite was a small shiny black button with some gold around the edge, there was only one of that kind. My mother also had a box with only white buttons, from shirts, but I never played with those, they looked all the same, it was no fun.

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