La Frontera

call_for_entries_3For a number of reasons, I want to highlight this call for entries for contemporary art jewellery.
The deadline is 30 January 2013, the call is available in English and Spanish.

Reason no. 1

It’s always great when jewellery artists are asked to give their view, in this case about La Frontera, the US-Mexico borderland, so full of conflicts and opportunities. What do jewellery artists have to say about this space?

Reason no. 2

The call has some great links if you want to learn more about the US-Mexico borderland and its history. In Borderstories you find personal stories from both sides of the line.

Reason no. 3

Octavio Paz: “Borders separate, but also unite” (“Las fronteras separan pero también unen”). A reminder that a border can also be a bridge.

Reason no. 4

It makes me think about my own background. I grew up far away from any borders in a pretty homogeneous environment. The kind of borders that intrigue me today are the linguistic ones. They don’t always follow country borders, but seem to exist and influence us on a more individual level (and again, is a foreign language a border or also a bridge?).

Reason no. 5

One of the galleries involved, Velvet da Vinci, has a great website, well worth a visit. Here you can find near 100 international jewellery artists, almost 6000 images and browse previous exhibitions, f. ex. “Anti-war medals” (jewellery artists respond to the Iraq war) or “Under that cloud”, inspired by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud in 2011.

I will for sure have a view of La Frontera later in the year, as soon as it’s available online.

If you have any thoughts, please share them!

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