Oxidise me!

Titanium pendant on a silver chain.

I wrote before about how “Titanium speaks”, but this time, it was the silver chain that shouted: “Oxidise me too, please!”. The silver chain looked too white and bright, so I decided to go for oxidation also on the chain. I am pleased with how they now go together.


I continue to explore this way of assembling titanium to create new surfaces. I might think of other ways to attach the pendant on the chain (the two loops here was the most practical solution for this first version).

Did you know that you can oxidise silver with hard boiled eggs? I found this tutorial from The Beading Gem’s Journal very helpful as a starting point. I am not keen on dealing with chemicals, so I was happy to learn about this method. (And now I open the fridge and think “do we have enough eggs for some cupcakes and oxidation?”).

Here below are some glimpses of the progress. It meant a lot of cutting, filing off sharp edges, fitting, marking and drilling the holes (many holes!). For the chain, I made the first test in brass.

When the pieces were all prepared, with holes and without any sharp edges or corners, I could finally put the flame on them to bring on the colours. That is the moment I love the most, that is when I get an idea of the end result.


Now, there is one thing I am still missing here. I would not know how to call this piece. There is no “title” that pops up in my mind.

Perhaps you can help me here: What would you call it? What does it make you think of?

15 thoughts on “Oxidise me!

      • Neptune has that beautiful blue color. Although, Jupiter has distict lines running around it, but it is more brown in color. Neptune does have some faint lines around it. I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but the feeling I get is definately more Neptune. It was the first thought about it that popped into my head when I read your post.

        • Thank you Tim, this is very inspiring input, it kind of brings this piece to a “higher level” alltogether, so to speak! 😉 Actually, when you heat titanium with a flame to get the oxidation, the first colour tones that appear are brownish, so who knows, perhaps there will be a Jupiter one day as well. Again, thanks!

    • Yes, that is what I love with titanium, that you can get all these colours. It’s an oxidation that builds up when you heat it up. Different thickness of the oxide gives different colour tones.

  1. It’s funny because I thought about the same thing!! The planet jupiter came to my mind when I saw the necklace. Maybe not so much from the colour, but thinking about the material, titanium, so strong and special, I couldn’t help but think of the power of Jupiter. It’s very beautiful! Congratulations! ^___^ What saw do you use for sawing through the titanium?

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your comment very much! It’s good to hear what others think or see, I had no “picture” or theme in my head here, only the round shape. I use my usual jeweller saw for this, but the saw blades break much easier than when sawing in f ex silver or copper.

  2. That is beautiful! And I agree with the previous comments. I think it should have an extraterrestrial, spacey type name. It does look a lot like a planet.

    • Thank you Sara! I’m happy to see you pop by here on my “spaceship”, your comment is much appreciated! And I’ll hit the “follow” button on your blog right now, it looks really interesting!

      • Oh thanks! I’ll follow you back. I love your jewelery designs. I mentioned in my post about my grandpa that he was a welder and had made some jewelery as side projects. He did a great job. I would love to try it myself. Who knows? Maybe creativity is hereditary.

  3. I think of “journey to the center of the earth” is what it looks like to me. It’s very pretty.
    I’ll have to remember that about oxidizing with eggs. I’ll too need to make sure I have enough eggs for breakfast and oxidation! that’s funny…

    • Thank you for adding this perspective to it! This piece does seem to be very “planetary” , but that was not something I had in mind or had planned myself. And yes, do keep your fridge ready for the egg oxidation, it’s easy!

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