Morning coffee with bling


At my work we have this kitchen cupboard with a mix of mugs. I open the cupboard and think “so this is what ‘miscellaneous’ looks like”. I hardly know how to pronounce it properly, but I can see it!

I love that kind of mix in a shared kitchen, but I have to admit that I also love to have “my” coffee mug. This one is now properly (hash)tagged with #gr.

In the past, this mug hosted pens in my studio. The charm is made of parts that have a little story, the glass bead is from s small bead shop in Barcelona, this copper tube from a broken heating system came to me through work.

So, as a side track to jewellery proper, I hope this can inspire other metal makers to find a use for small scrap pieces. We all have them laying around, I guess. Actually, who says it has to be metal? Glass, ceramics, rubber, plastic…  as long as it can take handwash. (And yes, a word of warning, because “you never know”: Keep it away from the microwave and the dishwasher!)

So, review your “leftovers” and abandonned test pieces, see if you can make a personalised charm for a fellow coffee or tea lover, or for yourself. Or make it a charm that you can easily clip on a cup to use only on special occasions, like a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Sometimes, the (seemingly) unnecessary is simply… just what you need.

If you want to expand on your coffee knowledge, like learn how to make Vietnamese coffee or how to roast your own coffee beans, or simply find out where they all come from, then here is a great read from the Scoutiegirl: Little Things Link Love: Coffee  Enjoy!

Can you think of other simple ways to add some “bling” to your daily life?


12 thoughts on “Morning coffee with bling

  1. What a great idea, especially for all the scrap materials we jewelers all have lying around. If the folks here have successfully marketed “wine glass jewelry” – why not coffee mug jewelry, too? I like the sound of Foresterartist’s name for this: “coffee cup bling”!!


  2. I do believe I need one of those! I am a huge coffee and tea drinker. I just read “A Nice Cup of Tea” by George Orwell and I’m now convinced I have to buy some really nice imported tea and a china or earthenware teapot. Orwell apparently knew his stuff about tea.


    • Oh, I think I should read that one as well! I love tea, but still end up drinking only coffee all the time, and lots of it… Thanks for your comment and your excellent tip here (“dear mug, get prepared for some changed habits in the future”).


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