Haiku (III)

Min vingbredd är ju
alla de försök jag gör
att fånga vinden

I could do this only in Swedish, sorry for that! This haiku came up in my head after writing the previous blog post, What is your wingspan?

It is really difficult to write any kind of poetry in a foreign language. Poetry is so subtle and intuitive, but a rough translation in English would be:

That is my wingspan
all the efforts I’m making
to capture the wind

Dear friends, I invite you to add your own haiku about wings or wingspan here below. If you are not a native English speaker, feel free to write one in your own mother tongue if you prefer (but it’s nice if you then add a few lines in English as well, so that we get the idea).

I hope to find your haiku here below, one day! Thank you – tack!

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