Slow design

Or the birth of a butterfly.

A few years ago, when a colleague heard that I was picking up jewellery making again, she asked me if I could make a butterfly for her. I find it difficult to make a specific “something”. In jewellery, I think more in shapes than in “things”. Shapes can definitely look like something, but are not spelled out. A butterfly is pretty much spelled out.

I said that I was happy to give it a try, but I did warn her that “it might take a while”.

This was, I think, three years ago. The idea I had then did not take off and suddenly other things took over in life. The project came to a stillstand. Last autumn, this titanium idea came up and I can now finally wrap up – and unwrap – this butterfly.

I have to call this “slow design”. That is how it works for me. Not only because I am a moonlight jewellery maker, but also because it takes time for ideas to surface and mature. I can see that something is missing, but if I can not put my finger on what, I leave it for a while. One day I will know how to continue.

On the photos, you can see that I kept changing things in the process. From letting the bow hang directly on a chain, to adding a loop. From keeping the wire as it was to giving it a structure. From a silver chain to a cord in the colours of the titanium. And it lends itself to “eyecandy” photos, too.


I will show this to my colleague within short and see if this matches her idea of a butterfly pendant.

What do you think? Can you see a butterfly here, or does your mind go in other directions when you see this?

11 thoughts on “Slow design

  1. Is so beautiful … but I can’t see a butterfly … I see moonlight .. on the ocean. The last photo with the beige background is stunning. I can see the butterfly in the top photos, but with the blue shades …

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