Call for Craft films

atoz-CToday, a double C for the A to Z challenge: a Call for Craft films.

Did you ever make a film about crafts, or know someone who did? Then check this call for films for FIFAV, an international film festival dedicated entirely to crafts and the craft professions.

This biennial festival used to be limited to clay and glass, but as from the 2014 edition, it opens up for  other materials as well. The festival takes place in Montpellier in France in March 2014, but the preselection is running now, up until 28 June.

Here you can see some trailers of the winning films in the 2012 edition:
Tierra Brillante (Brilliant Soil) about a Mexican ceramic artist who works very hard to promote alternatives to lead-based enamels, due to the health risks of lead.
The blessed factory (Rod Morris & Matthew Durran, 2011) about international glass artists at a symposium in Russia. How they overcome the langauge barriers as they work together, but also about how the skills in this industry are gradually disappearing.

Imagine, an entire film festival around crafts! It would be great if there were also some films around jewellery techniques, so I hope that this call might reach some film making jewellery lovers too, and… who knows?

Amateur film makers are welcome too, so if this triggers something inside you, I think you should explore this further! You still have almost three months…

What craft or craft artist would you like to see – or make – a film about?

3 thoughts on “Call for Craft films

  1. Making films … nothing for me … impatient as I am – but I like the idea … craft films. Maybe a film about blogging *smile …

    • I am patient, but don’t think I could make a film. I admire people who can, who can tell stories that way. A film about blogging, hm… that’s an idea! Keyboards talking to each other, avatars crossing the time zones.

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