atoz-DDay D in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. D as in Dreams (and Digital Developments).

Dreams often bring us amazing stories. Crazy and surreal. A lot seems to come from “out of the blue”, but there is always that little grain of ourselves and our real daily life in there, playing hide and seek in the dream plot.

At some point I started keeping a dream diary. The more efforts I made to remember the dreams, the more I did remember. I could end up with page long surreal stories, one event seemlessly floating into the next one.

I have kept many of those. They are a part of my past, but most of all, they are fantastic stories, and I always thought they can come in handy for creative writing exercises one day (I used to write a lot before).

There were also two dreams that stood out from the others. When I woke up, I had the feeling I had been given a message about myself. A very important one, in the tone of “listen carefully, you!”. Here is one of them:

I have gone to a special shop to buy something nice, jewellery or something. The shop is closed, but I’m looking through the window. I see necklaces, rings, paintings, beautiful objects. I’m a bit surprised that I went to this shop, as the owners have a bad reputation. I have conquered my reluctance, but at the same time I feel I have “given in” by going to their shop.

As I stand there by the window I feel two of my teeth hanging loosely on a thin thread. I leave the shop and I take the teeth out.

They turn out to be red stones, slightly marbled. One has a piece of whitish flesh still hanging on it, I can see blood pulsing through it and I force myself to bite it off. Extremely unpleasant! I then have the two red stones, and think to myself that they would be great for a necklace.

For me, this dream basically told me that I can make jewellery myself, I don’t have to turn to others for that. I have it in me already. I will have to do something difficult first, but then I’ll be ready to go.

Well, message well received.

atozD IMG_9632-b

On another note, here is an extra D as thank you for reading all the way to here! D for Digital Developments:

Are you old enough to remember floppy disks, file names of 8 characters and matrix printers? Or did you only hear about such things? As you can see, my earliest dream diary notes are printed on a matrix,  an old one I got from my father when he upgraded his home office. For me it was an upgrade from the typewriter, I was in heaven! You had to remove the strips along the side of the paper. Getting your print from the printer was like a craft in itself. And the sound! Or was it noise?

Here some guys who know how to turn these old things into music. (This is not typical for a jewellery blog, but so what, jewellery is not typical, it’s general, remember?) If you like the second one, with the floppies (a “must see” if you are a tech geek and Bach lover!), click through to YouTube and you’ll find his website and blog with more information.

I started off with “crazy and surreal”, and perhaps I’ve come full circle now. I wish you enlightening dreams tonight, and see you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Hello! Visiting from Blogging from A to Z. I love dreams and I found this account fascinating as you found such a personal interpretation in your dream. I have had some recurring dreams, which I enjoy delving into and considering what they might mean.


    • Welcome to my blog, it’s great to hear how others relate to their dreams. As I said, this is one of only two dreams that came across like an important message. The others are time specific, and don’t mean much when looking back, except for the strange stories they all are.


  2. Please, poor Bach …. it seams more complicated to get the music out of those all PC … then a full symphonic orchestra, so I stick to them. *smile … funny and great post. See you tomorrow.


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