Flea markets

atoz-FDay F in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

Flea markets are great places to find tools or equipment for jewellery making. I like tools that are worn and have been used a lot. If they could only speak, let me know what they have been used for, and by whom.

Well, here I will tell you what I use some of them for.

Steel tools like this are great for making patterns in metal. I made sure to polish them well, as I wanted the imprint to be without any marks.


The “box” below is a pendant that I made in my first year of the jeweller training, when we were still working with only flat surfaces.


You can also first make a pattern on copper, and then roll the copper with an (annealed) silver sheet through a rolling mill, to get the pattern pressed onto the silver. Actually, there are a few tools missing now, the ones that make a circle pattern, below. I wonder where they have ended up…? The big copper sheet to the left gave the pattern on this ring. (The holes in the copper plates have nothing to do with what I talk about here, I made them later for something else I was testing.)


This North African copper tray is also a find from a flea market. I do solder work on it. I could replace many other things, but this tray has become very much a part of my work space, a background to whatever I am working on.


14 thoughts on “Flea markets

    • Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed! And sorry for the silence from my side… As much as I’d love to accept this award and pass it on, I am not sure how to find the time. Will see how it goes… Glad you enjoy my A to Z, and again, thanks!

      • There is no need to say sorry, I know we are all busy .. I don’t think there is a time limit to the award … So accept it as and when you can! It is well deserved !!!!

  1. Very cool! I’ll have to approach my trips to markets and souqs overseas differently than I have in the past. I hadn’t thought about looking for things such as for jewelry making or mixed media pieces as much as I really should have because I’ve always tended to be too textile focused typically. This will make me rectify that. Thanks!

      • If you ever end up in Northern California (it looks like you’re in Europe, yes?) the Berkeley Flea Market was a fun find when I was visiting up there. It was an eclectic place with things from all over the world and most people selling things having just come to the Bay Area themselves. It was definitely a cultural experience – which I love. The other place in the Bay Area I found that was a fun surprise was the San Jose Berryesa Flea Market. It was huge and probably a little more hit or miss (some permanent places and some temporary) but really quite large and open most days.

        We don’t have as many places like that in Southern California and those two were much more reminiscent of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East to me. Just FYI for you or anyone else that might be interested.

        I need to do more scouring in other places in the US when I travel.

        • Great to hear about other places, I think I would love the Berkeley Flea market! Yes, I’m in Europe, in The Netherlands. I used to live in Brussels, Belgium, in the past, and often browsed local flea markets on Sunday mornings. Here in the NL there is like a national flea market on Queen’s Day, 30 April. Everyone is out on the streets, to buy/sell things. As of next year, there is King’s Day on 27 April, the birthday of prince Willem Alexander, soon to become king (but that is another story).

          • Now THAT is neat – a national flea market even! Wow! So will you be out on Tuesday treasure hunting on the big flea market day?

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