atoz-GDay G in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. I use this day to talk about: Glasses.

Can you imagine how disappointing it is to pick up your favourite craft again, only to find that your eyes are not really helping you anymore? I have been wearing glasses/contact lenses for many years, but now I am talking about the change that often comes with age. You hardly notice it. You add the habit to sometimes read things with your arm stretched under a really good light source, and that works fine.

Then the day came when I sat down to saw a straight line in a sheet of metal, trying to keep the “error margin” under 0,5 mm. Heart beating joyfully, singing YES, I’m back! “Oh… I seem to remember cutting very straight lines in the past… hm…. Perhaps it’s just my hands that are not used to it anymore?” I continued, my hands started picking up the movements again, but I still did not get that straight line.

It was  the eyes. I quickly got myself a pair of reading glasses, and also a pair of real magnifying glasses, the kind that you can clip on to any other glasses.

Having those magnifying devices is also a positive thing. I discovered they can also enlarge and magnify the “goodyness” and “eye candy factor” in things. They put the spotlight on the shines and shapes in a different way. It may not be the way we usually see these things, but it adds something else to it, something more dreamlike.


I have now made friends with these helpers, and entirely brought them onboard.

As I was writing this, I realised what a tiny problem this is, so easy to solve. I was then wondering: if I would go blind, would I still be able to make jewellery? What materials would I use? Would I still be motivated to do it…?

Able to? Yes, I think so. Motivated? Not so sure about that…

Curious about blind jewellery makers, I did some searching on internet, and found amongst other this project, nominated for the 2013 INDEX Award (INDEX is about “Design to improve life”): Made in the dark, allowing blind artisans to design their own jewellery.

I also found The eye of the beholder, a film by Carolina Pastrana. She interviewed people who have lost their eye sight, they talk about senses, beauty, their dreams and how becoming blind has affected their lives. 25 quality minutes, and a chance to see things in a different light.

Thank you for reading – and I do hope that you will watch that film!


One thought on “Glasses

  1. Fantastic photos you have taken through the magnifying glass … I have a friend that has nearly gone totally blind in less than a year and my mum is losing her sight on the only eyes that she see anything with. When I hear about the stories .. and see all the devices my friend get to help to use computer … read books … getting time … amazing, but to lose the sight change everything around us. I will pass the pass the link for The eye of the beholder to my friend.
    I hope you will be able to carry on with your art and passion for many years to come. You should invest in a pair of real glasses that is made for you .. reading glasses are okay for reading, but not to work with.

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