atoz-I The Blogging from A to Z challenge has come to I.

INTERNET. In-ter-net.

Internet, that is where we meet, you and I, at this very moment. That is where so much is going on today.

A few years ago, I went with my daughter and her friend (they were around 7) to Naturalis, a scientific museum in Leiden. We saw this photo of “the jaw of an early chordate”, a creature that lived on earth around 330 million years ago.

IMG_4580A number of thoughts were bouncing in my head as I saw this: Wow, imagine that scientists have gathered all this information! Wow, imagine the scientists could figure out whose jaw this was! Wow, imagine that you can make such a photo! Wow, imagine the timespan! (Here I failed… 330 million years…)

The spontaneous comment from the children was: Wow, now only add a mouse to it and then there’s internet!

The arrow we all know so well has become a universal sign. And for many of us, it’s a daily fix (or at least until we go entirely mobile).

Yes, today’s post is a side track to the jewellery theme. Or is it, actually…? My jewellery blog could only exist within this sharing structure that is made possible by the internet. Before internet, sharing was a completely different game. I would have my treasures on display at home, or occasionally pull them out from their boxes to show them to someone who was interested. And that would be it. Only people who already knew me would get to see anything.

I came to think of this presentation: The Power of Networks, an RSA Animate by Manuel Lima. It is about how science, learning and knowledge has changed from Aristotle up until today, and how internet is completeley changing our working and social structures. It’s eleven minutes of your time, but then you get a guided tour through more than 2000 years of human knowledge, plus a peek into the near future, towards a new network thinking. Don’t miss this trip, it’s worth it (and you are part of it).

Coming back to the “jaw of an early chordate”, I did make some other photos as well that day. They may not be technically brilliant, but it’s about the shapes and the patterns. It was all there, all the time, wasn’t it? Patterns and designs (or whatever you want to call it) were there, from the beginning. Universal designs, long before us, and long before internet.


What about you?

Do you need the screen arrow for your “daily fix”? Can you do without internet? For how long? Do you think we can “undo” the internet experience, step back and pretend it never happened? (I don’t, and we shouldn’t try to, only make it better.)

If you are in arts or crafts, how has internet changed the way you work or find inspiration? Is there a backside to it?

3 thoughts on “Internet

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  2. Utterly fascinating post. Wonderful writing and an engaging topic. A pleasure to read. Thank you also for the glowing comments you made on my “INK” post today. You’re very sweet. Cheers.


  3. While I was working as Executive chef … I was looking for ideas on .. internet all the time and then adjusted them and made them into my dishes. I looked at table settings, presentation dishes .. serving dishes .. couldn’t manage without internet.
    Still look for dishes, but now the fall into my inbox all by themselves from other bloggers.
    I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”
    Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943


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