Jewellery, past and present

atoz-JDay J in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

For me personally, J has to be for Jewellery/Jewelry.

All I will do today is to offer you some jewellery links, for online browsing. Perhaps you fall in love with a delicate ring from the past, or find an upcoming art jewellery exhibition nearby where you live?

We start in the 16th century…

Nordiska Museet in Stockholm has made their jewellery collection available online. Here is the English version of the timeline, with a brief history of jewellery, and some highlights from their collection (and current exhibition). And then their entire online catalogue with 10.000 jewellery pieces. It is all in Swedish, but if you want to search (sök), here a few words to get you started:
amber = bärnsten; ring = ring; wedding ring = vigselring; earring = örhänge; bracelet = armband; necklace = halsband; pendant = hängsmycke; silver = silver; gold = guld; bridal crown = brudkrona; comb = kam; chain = kedja; king = kung; plastic = plast.

This collection holds not only jewellery of the royals and the powerful people, but also that of ordinary people (like the ring that the ordinary man would have given to his bride to be). There are even some bridal crowns made of flowers, dried and colourless after +100 years, but still there!

… and continue with contemporary jewellery

Here are some great resources around contemporary art jewellery. From these you will be able to find out about jewellers, events, exhibitions, blogs, schools, awards, etc:
Art Jewelry Forum
Velvet da Vinci
Mar de Color Rosa

I hope you can find some favourites here! If you know of other museums who have made historical jewellery collections available online, please let me know, I would love to dive into any of them!


If you have any thoughts, please share them!

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