Liebster Award (my first)

atoz-LDay L in the Blogging from A to Z challenge, a good day to officially accept and pass on this my first Liebster Award. I was nominated by The Forester Artist a while ago (thank you!), and as more nominations have been coming, I want to hurry up to pass them on.

Forester Artist is what the name says: a forester and an artist. I love the way he shares photos and stories from the great nature he works in, and how this inspires his art work.

First of all, the formalities. The Liebster Award Nomination Rules are:

Those who get nominated must answer 5 questions asked by the person who nominated them… and tell 5 random facts about themselves. Then, each of them is supposed to pass on the award by nominating 5 blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 5 questions.

liebster_award5 random facts about myself:

1. My favourite colour is green
2. On a 1 to 10 scale, I give chocolate a 12
3. I commute by train to work, and I like that (view on lots of power lines and cows and sheep on the Dutch fields)
4. I love bread
5. My favourite bird is the blackbird

Answers to the questions asked:

1. If you could sit down and have dinner with any person from any point in time, who would it be? This would be my evening: First dinner with Queen Kristina, she abdicated from the Swedish throne in 1654, converted from the protestant to the catholic church and moved to Rome. I’m intrigued about the mindset of people then, and especially the mindset of a woman in her position, doing such a thing. After dinner, we would go and see Janis Joplin, I would love that, and perhaps Queen Kristina would to, to see another woman who just “did what she had to do”.

2. If you notice a stranger in public who’s fly (pants) aren’t zipped up, do you tell them, and does it matter if it is a man or woman? I think I would only tell if it was someone I knew, or if the person was about to go up on a public stage. But no, I would not go up to a complete stranger.

3. Have you ever taken in a stray animal? No, I haven’t.

4. Do you sing in the shower or car? I do sometimes sing, hum or even whistle for myself, but anywhere in the house. (Judging from the comments in the family, the whistling is the most annoying…)

5. If you could have a skill or talent that you don’t have now, what would it be? I would like to be really good in sports, I never was.

Here are my 5 nominations:  – street photography  – photography – jewellery – jewellery   – jewellery

And here my 5 questions to them:
1. Sunrise or sunset – what is your preference?
2. Has blogging changed the way you look at the world/other people/yourself?
3. Is there anything that you would rate as 12 on a 1 to 10 scale?
4. If you had the chance to get a sneak preview of one day in your future life, would you take that chance?
5. Do you have a favourite sport, to either watch or do yourself?

Finally, to the nominees: If you feel you are not able or willing to accept the award for whatever reason, that is fine too, then just enjoy being nominated!

A to Z will rest on Sunday, I’ll pick up the alphabet again on Monday.

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