Moose model

atoz-MDay M, and we are half way through in the A to Z Blogging challenge.

Let me introduce Helge, my moose mascot.

This was my studio mascot when I first moved to the Netherlands. We rented an appartment along the Spaarne river in Haarlem. It was a beautiful location. On the frontside, we could see the cargo ships passing outside our living room window. Further up the river, a typical old Dutch windmill. It was basically like landing in the middle of an idyllic stereotype Dutch postcard. Perhaps that’s why I felt a need to counterbalance with something Nordic.


In the backyard there was an extra space, originally a bike shed (bikes are basically the backbone of Dutch life!). It had electricity, was painted and perfectly arranged into a storage/hobby room. This was my studio, and I had this simple souvenir moose standing in the window frame there, as I was (again) settling in a new country.

I call him Helge, inspired by its Swedish name “älg” (or “elk” as we normally call it here in Europe).

I have not made earrings for a long time, but next time I do, I think that Helge will be my model.

Do you think he would do a good job as earring model? Or (as I am now more integrated here), should I perhaps consider an upgrade, to a Dutch cow?

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