atoz-NBlogging from A to Z, it is time for N, as in nanoseconds.

All of a sudden, I get an idea for a piece of jewellery.

How long does it take to get an idea?

Sometimes it feels like a nanosecond. OK, maybe it’s just a regular second, but still, that is pretty fast. Or make that a regular second, followed by a few minutes to stay with the idea, elaborate, test different options in my mind.

After those seconds and minutes to “get the idea”, I know that I will need a good amount of hours to actually make the piece.

If there was a button to press, to make that “nanosecond idea” materialise into a finished piece in one go, would I use it?

I would be tempted to sometimes, yes, but my answer is definitely “thanks, but no thanks”. The work towards the finished piece is the pleasure, and a number of decisions have to be made. If you miss what happens underway – or rather, if there is no such thing as “underway” – then you also miss something in the end result.

If you read this as a blogger, do you remember the moment when you decided to create a blog? Maybe it happened in a second or two, followed by some more thinking around it. You will have thought about the name, the content, what it would look like, and then finally you posted your very first blog post.

And looking back now, did your blog turn out the way you had imagined it to be? Perhaps not. And that is what makes it so interesting. Because it is not that nanosecond idea that counts, it is the work that follows, when the idea takes shape and becomes something. That is also how jewellery making works, at least for me.

Today’s title – nanoseconds – is by the way absolute nonsense! It came up in my head, but as I’ve learned on Wikipedia: a nanosecond is one billionth of a second. I doubt it makes sense or is even necessary to measure our thinking process in nanoseconds. For me, a simple “fraction of a second” is fast enough. Anyway, it’s the work itself that is exciting.

3 thoughts on “Nanoseconds

  1. now it took me a nano second to realise that I hadnt been following your posts … how did I miss that … nano second later I have rectified this xx

  2. Nanoseconds – never heard that before … so goggle had to help me out.
    My decision about blogging took about 30 min, but I’m very good on do nanoseconds … when I’m in a crisis situation … and when active in work I was doing nanoseconds all the time. *smile – great word .. that I will use from now on.

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