Other people, other things

atoz-OFor the O day I was thinking about “overwhelmed”, as that is how I feel about this Blogging from A to Z challenge at the moment. I no longer know if I am a jewellery making blogger, or a blogging jewellery maker. But that’s OK.

Then I started thinking about “the Other”. Who is that, the other? Is that you?

Sometimes “the other” is within ourselves. “The other me” is like this different side that is there but that we don’t normally show. And other times, we find that “the other” is “just like me”, or we recognize ourselves in “the other”.

On this theme, I invite you to check some Other blogging jewellery makers. They make other things than I do, deal with other objects, work with other designs and styles, other techniques:

http://hammermarks.wordpress.com/   jewellery + bowls (super bowls!)

http://jennykaberg.com/     jewellery + metalwork

http://gracesheldrick.wordpress.com/   jewellery + embroidery

http://agnesguenther.wordpress.com/  jewellery + industrial design + photography

http://artdoesmatter.wordpress.com/ jewellery + art reviews


9 thoughts on “Other people, other things

  1. I’m so glad you came by and commented on my blog because I’m enjoying looking through yours! And what a collection of other great blogs to check out, too! I love getting to see people use the gifts they have.


  2. I am so very flattered to be included here – thank you so much! I can’t wait to check out the other jewellery blogs you’ve listed here. I love reading your A-Z challenges – it’s a daunting task to keep up but you bring such fresh (and fun!) perspectives to your blog each day. Really enjoying following your blog!


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