atoz-PDay P in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. P as in Paper.

Paper is a great help to try out a design idea. A piece of thick enough paper can help you see if and how your abstract idea works in practice.

Not to say that a paper model is any guarantee that you will get the result you had in mind, not at all! But it can be useful at the beginning of the process. It can satisfy your immediate curiousity (“I wonder what happens if I…?”), and it can help give you the “go” or “no go” for an idea (“is this what I am looking for here?”).

Paper is similar to a sheet of metal. It is just flat, and you are going to use it to create volume.

After digging into my “archive” I found a few  examples and have put them in the gallery here below, with some comments.

Now, this was all about a very humble role that paper can play in jewellery making.

Paper is also “the” material to use for some jewellery makers. To discover more about them, just google “paper jewellery” (or “jewelry”) and see what you get! There is one person I don’t want you to miss, so check Jeremy May’s literary jewels (literally unique pieces of books). Also, if you like origami, you can find a lot of origami jewellery on Etsy.

Thank you for reading (even if this was brought to you digitally, and not on paper).

10 thoughts on “Paper

      • I thought so … because I know how easy a ring of gold can get damage .. still the thought of paper jewelry is very thrilling. A piece of art .. on the draw in the bedroom .. like that idea.


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