Silk yarn

atoz-SBlogging from A to Z challenge: Day S is for Silk yarn.

I remember how my heart started beating faster the first time I entered that little shop in Stockholm. A mix of vintage ribbons, yarns and cords for furniture and home decoration. “Folckers” is a little paradise, located at Hornsgatan in Södermalm. I hope it’s still there.

I bought some ribbons, but what I was most thrilled about was the rolls with silk yarn. Clearly marked with AB SVENSKT KONSTSILKE BORÅS (Borås used to be the capital of the Swedish textile industry).

With this thin silk yarn I can make cords and combine colours the way I want to. Here you can see the principle of Making a twisted cord, which is very simple. For silk yarn this thin you may want to fold several times and need a fairly large space, and a hand drill with a hook is useful too, as you have to spin many, many, many times…


5 thoughts on “Silk yarn

  1. That is some old rolls of silk yarn …. so beautiful .. shots of them. Flockers are still there, they are on FB, but don’t seem to have a website. Have to visit next time I’m up in Stockholm. It looks like it’s two guys that runs the shop now. Beautiful post.

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