atoz-UDear friends, the time has come to talk about Ugly.

My vanity normally prevents me from showing jewellery that I made and that I consider “ugly”. If other people have no “click” with my pieces, that is fine, we all have a different taste. But I do have my own inner critic and she normally tells me not to display any “ugly” pieces.

I call them “ugly” as a fit with today’s letter in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, but it would perhaps be more correct to talk about “failures”.

It’s part of the process, to test and try and figure out, build up experience. Not all things turn out well. Here some rings that I was not satisfied with. For me, they capture what I mean with a failure, not technically, but visually. They failed in a number of ways: Proportions, too much, overworked, not well fitted…

The first image is the rings as I found them, unpolished. For the sake of fairness, I then polished them a bit (which doesn’t magically make them look gorgious).

At the time, I was making lots of broad rings, made of an inner and outer ring. I was also learning how to work with spheres, and I was printing structures on metal. In the ring to the left, I merged all these elements into one big, clumpsy… “thing”. Less IS more, that’s all I say here. The ring to the right is kind of OK, but the curved shape was supposed to follow the curve of the finger, and it does not.

What I do like is the round sphere, it makes me think of blueberries, so at least that part worked out well!

This is a bit awkward, to show these pieces publically. It’s like when someone who always wears a lot of make-up shows up without it. It’s that side we normally choose not to show.

Well, I hope that this can be of inspiration to others. Keep doing what you do, observe your works, why you do what you do. And love all your ugly ducklings, they bring you forward, I’m sure!

9 thoughts on “Ugly…

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Our inner critic often has a strong voice, right? In the meantime, I have detached the blueberry from the ring to use it for a new piece, I’ll post it whenever I’m done (which may still take a while I think…).


    • I agree, I think the blueberry would be much better for a necklace, I’ll play around with the idea and see what I can come up with. Thanks for your enthousiastic input, it’s always great to hear how others look at things!


  1. I have my own little collection of ‘ugly’ stuff too. Some of it gets given to the charity shop in the hope that ‘someone’ will like it. The rest gets left in a box. Strangely though, I’ve found that pieces I hide away and hate, occasionally get seen inadvertently by somebody and they love it.
    Thank goodness for people with different tastes.
    I like your ‘ugly’ rings and would have no problem wearing them!


    • You said it: thank goodness we have so different eyes! I also think that the maker has a completely different view than others. You work with a certain idea in mind, but others don’t see that part, they have a more neutral, fresh look. Thanks for your fresh look here!


      • I completely agree. I once made this horrific bracelet and it was the first thing to fly off my stall. The lady who bought it loved it so much that she wore it as she left. So you’re right, thank God for fresh eyes!


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