My ex-boyfriend

atoz-XI dare to fit my ex-boyfriend into today’s Blogging from A to Z challenge. Today’s letter is X, and whether “ex-” counts as X, or this theme as appropriate, I am not so sure…

This is about my ex-boyfriend and me, and about two silver rings that still mean a lot to us.

I made these rings while I was still in the jeweller training, and I remember how I had to hurry to finish them in time for New Year’s Eve, when I wanted to give them. They are not perfect (technically spoken), but this was my way to say to him “you and me, we belong together”.

I had wanted to upgrade them later, make the same design in white gold (and with proper solder work, obviously), but so far, I did not have the chance to.

When we got married a few years later, these were our wedding rings. Plain silver, no inscription and a few cracks. And yes, for us it’s as simple as that, we are now married, and these are our rings.

Over time, they have both got their marks. His has become too small, so he keeps it in his purse. He would wear it on his right ring finger, I wear mine on the left.

I am happy that my ex-boyfriend-now-husband also likes this design. It is a very comfortable model to wear (important!). It is a simple design (important, if you want to wear other rings). The round and square shapes merged together embrace the concept of “two” and “different”, which very much makes sense for a wedding ring.

I would love to make them again, properly, and obviously in a size that fits my husband’s ring finger!

Last year when at a wedding, there was this moment when people started showing their respective wedding rings. I did not show mine, and afterwards I wondered why. I think it’s partly the “technical” critic in me that puts the breaks on in such moments. As design, we both like it very much, but as craft, the work is pretty poor. Perhaps I also feel that silver “doesn’t count” the way gold and gems do in this context.

According to Wikipedia, the wedding ring in the past symbolised “the exchange of valuables at the moment of the wedding rather than a symbol of eternal love and devotion”. In that case, a golden ring is indeed more worth than a silver ring. I also just learned that in ancient times, people thought that the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart, which explains the tradition in many cultures to wear the wedding ring on that finger.

Whatever, hereby the proof that silver, even not perfect and even with cracks, can represent a bond. If ever something would go wrong between us, the rings are not to be blamed.

9 thoughts on “My ex-boyfriend

  1. Really like the design of the rings … as you say – the rings are a part of you .. and like everything else we love and use often gets wear and tear. Happy to read that the X-boyfriend became the husband, nice one.

  2. Lovely background story here G .
    I thought it was going to be a bit of a 😦 post … with the Ex ..X part … you tease 😉
    Love it’s what we all need … sounds like you have it 🙂

  3. I loved this post! I look forward to continuing to read – and seeing more of your work – even now that the A-Z Challenge is over!

  4. I made our wedding rings too, out of silver. I’ve often thought of going back and making another pair in silver and gold, but haven’t gotten around to it (gold is so expensive and I don’t want to use gold filled. just my preference.)

    Even though my “craft” isn’t the greatest either, and it’s silver (not gold), I’m still very proud to show off our rings. They are beautiful and unique and special to us. Your rings are gorgeous too!

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