atoz-YIt seems the Blogging from A to Z Challenge started Yesterday. And my second last letter is about Yesterday.

For me as a blogging jewellery maker, or jewellery making blogger (I’m no longer sure of which), this was an opportunity to dig into projects from the past, bring old ideas from yesterday up to the surface. I like looking back, at Yesterday.

We can do that in a positive, constructive way. Cherish the moments that really mattered to us, respect the decisions we made in the past, or the hard times we pulled ourselves through, and hopefully burst out in a “Wow, everything that seemed so random and confused led me to where I am now!”.

I want to look at Yesterday as if it is a box full of beads. From that box, I pick up my favourite beads and put them on a string. I don’t use all of them (some of them are really ugly), I just pick my favourites. And that is the necklace of my life, until now. One single bead for your necklace is fine, too. It’s not about how many beads, as long as there are beads.

Another way to look at Yesterday is the regretful way: “If only I had…”. Don’t even go there! The things you didn’t do, they never became beads, so there is nothing to look for or think about. You can not make a necklace out of “never did”. But I do think you will have a few “I did”-beads, to add to your necklace, so do just that, will you?

And if we could have a look at tomorrow? No thanks, I’m not interested. A rear-view mirror is fine, but please, no crystal ball for the future. Perhaps a lighthouse somewhere at the horizon, to give the direction? Yes, I’ll go for a lighthouse, but I don’t need to know in advance what directions the winds will blow, I’ll see as I go along.

Here are some of the beads of my current life necklace: learning other languages, living abroad, learning some more languages, jewellery making, biding my time, motherhood.

What are the beads on your life necklace? Are you working on any new beads, to add to your necklace in the future?

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