Blog birthday: Hello World!

gr-blogbirthdayThe other day, I got a Happy Anniversary message from WordPress. I have been blogging for one year now!

When you first register on WordPress, you automatically have this very first blog post called Hello World!. I created this blog to show my jewellery, and I had thought of it as a mainly visual blog. I did not know if it would work for me to run a blog at all, if I would find the time and have enough things to say. It was all open and I just thought I’d give it a try.

That first WordPress post inspired me when I wrote my own first blog post, which you can find here. I wrote it in Swedish, but here is a translation:

Hello World! is what shouts to me, the newcomer
Hello World…? I wonder, slightly doubtful

All I want is to sit down again behind the workbench
take my seat, let the saw sing
hand and eye work together
smell the metal
get leather skin on my fingertips

Is it possible to both sit there with the file
and maintain a blog?

Did it end up in a fight over time
or did it end up in… nothing?

That is the question.

After one year, I do have the answer: It ended up not in nothing, but in something, and something that I am very happy with. I managed to both blog and get back to jewellery making. I have received a number of blogging awards (most of which I still need to pass on), and am glad I took part in the Blogging from A to Z challenge in April, which allowed me to explore my jewellery world literally throughout the entire alphabet. I have learned that writing about my jewellery projects sometimes helps me further, gives me new hints (that I was not even looking for but that turn out to be useful).

But I have to admit that yes, blogging happens at the cost of studio time. I do recognise that constant fight between workbench and computer. Between saw and keyboard, soldering and photo editing, polishing and publishing.

I am happy with the short moments I have, but I do see that the objectives for the coming blog year have to do with time management and priorities. Pri-o-ri-ties. That sounds so… boring and dry. But it’s really key, especially in today’s offline/online life. I can imagine that quite a few of you recognise these thoughts.

The coming year, there will be more titanium, more silver, more copper and brass, more buttons, more thoughts around jewellery. Perhaps there will be things I am not yet aware of – I welcome that!

Speech, speech! OK, here it is, a short one:

Thank you all for this first year! Your comments and likes and follows do mean a lot to me. It’s great to know that I am not just speaking to the void here, I am doing this in great company! I was perhaps not aware when I started my blog that blogging is not so much about me. It is more about you. Nothing of what I do here would make much sense if it wasn’t for you. I could also keep all my thoughts inside my head and never share them, and enjoy the photos on my home computer, in my solitude. That would even give me more studio time.

My blogging is about me, but also very much about YOU. So here’s to you all, and welcome to a second blog year, starting right now.

And did you notice? This is not the usual birthday candle flame at this party here, the one you blow out and make a wish. No, the flame you see here above IS the wish, and you bet it’s a strong one. Try to blow it out if you can!

If you read this as a blogger, for how long have you been blogging? If you don’t have a blog yourself, why not start one? It’s an amazing way to say hello to the world!

7 thoughts on “Blog birthday: Hello World!

  1. Thank you for this lovely post, Gunilla. What you say about the blog being about those who read or look at it is an interesting idea. You have made me think about how I might make my own blog more responsive or inviting to others.

    • And I still feel the same, Linda. It’s a lot about you people out there, yourself and others. I’ve been much less active here on WP over the last year (or two?), and in a way I miss it, and I do try to get back into it again. I have this funny feeling it’s fully real and a tiny bit abstract at the same time. The connections feel real, and at the same time, all of a sudden they might be gone… But that doesn’t matter, I value every contact when it happens!

      • I’m afraid my WP interests are keeping me from making the art I want to make. As much as I enjoy your blog posts, if you are letting WP slide to make more art, I say keep making the art! . . . I know what you mean about the mixture of reality and abstraction. One of the photography bloggers I follow has gone around the country (and Canada) and met face to face with many of her blogging friends. That would be a way to make the connections more real! Like you, and probably all bloggers, I relish the contacts I’ve made through WP.

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