The Metal Challenge 365 – day 17 – Today is my Birthday

Happy birthday to someone who has taken on a real challenge: to make one metal object every day for 365 days. I really enjoy following this adventure, and perhaps you want to join too, it’s still early in the year.

The Metal Challenge 365

I am 35 today and while I am again a bit late on posting i am still on today the 12th of June ( its not midnight yet ) I had to make something easy and fast as my husband took me out to the city ( New York ) to the Highline and then to a cszech restaurant near the meat packing district . I had Spaetzle !!! those are small noodles with cheese and no even though my husband will agree with you , these are nothing like Mac and Cheese !!!!

so here is my entry for today , I will go and have a beer now 🙂



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4 thoughts on “The Metal Challenge 365 – day 17 – Today is my Birthday

    • What a great phrasing! This metal challenge is not mine (I just reblogged it), but I truly admire her for doing it and I enjoy following how it goes. I’m sure she would love to have your comment on her blog, so please pop over there, and check what else she is up to! Me, I’m more like producing at snail speed… 😉

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