Cooling off

Here is something I found on the flea market a few months ago. I thought of it as a motherboard, but after some research I know better: This is a graphics adapter, or video card. Not that I care much about the technical details, I’m mostly in it for the visuals here.

There was a whole pile of different cards to choose from, and I picked this one because of the red carrousel shaped part, which intrigued me. Little did I know about what I would find inside, in the cooling fan.

Here is the rest of the story.

When I first saw that little round piece with the copper wire, my heart went Boom! like in a pop song. I mean it, really. It was love at first sight, and I just kept staring at it.

My mind got started, like a popcorn pot, ideas and associations popping up: A medieval cross (I’m not into crosses, but this one I like). A wheel (an eternal movement). Copper wire thin as hair (as hair!). The deep colour of the copper (no further comment, just beautiful). Hooray for the engineers who can develop such things (so that the rest of us can work on our computers and do our image and video stuff and what not). The simple shape of the round cross (and other pieces I could make based on that shape). And so on. My mind was exploding and yes, it did bother me a bit that there was some plastic in there, but I realised I had better keep it.

I would have loved to wear this as a ring, but I realised that if that very thin copper wire would start coming loose, it would all become a mess, and one not easy to sort out. So I went for a pendant.

As I cleaned the piece the best I could and started working on the silver setting, I slowly calmed down. That very first excitement faded, my heartbeat was no longer like in a pop song and my head no longer like a popcorn pot.

We can say that in the transition from video card cooling fan to pendant, I also cooled off a bit. I see it for what it is, an upcycled piece. But a pretty cool one, if you ask me.

By the way, did you know that “video” is Latin for “I see” – yep! – so I can wear this pendant as my extra eye.



8 thoughts on “Cooling off

  1. Isn’t it fantastic G when the mind just fizzes with an idea after being stimulated by … well something ..found … heard ..
    Loved hearing about your mind fizzy pop moment 🙂
    … and then see the result !! It looks like it’s still moving ’round and round’ with all that copper wire … great work .

    • It was a great surprise to find this piece inside the cooling fan. Next time I’ll know about it and won’t be that overwhelmed, but I’m obviously curious to know if they always look exactly the same, or have the engineers come up with different variations on this piece? I have to find out, one day… 😉

  2. I love how tactile your writing is. Truly. I feel as though these items have been in my hands and I can smell the materials, feel the mechanical nature of them, and hear the clicking they make as you turn these pieces into something more than that for which they were intended. Lovely post. Really lovely.

    By the way, the “pop” will return. The first time someone remarks on that unique pendant around your neck and you look down and see that copper glint in the sunlight — then the “pop” will definitely be back.

    • Thank you, I’m really glad I did share some of that excitement I felt. I was hesitating whether to do it, I felt as I was being crazy about this piece (like mad!), but it’s nice to have been publically crazy and still be well received. My feelings are now more in a calm “chanson d’amour” state, but I’ll for sure be ready to “pop” again when there is an occasion! Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. This piece is so fabulous!! I love everything about it – how you’ve adapted it into a pendant, and the fact that it’s part of a graphics’ card is icing on the cake for me. (I’ve worked as a graphic designer as well as jeweler before.) And I agree w/ Michael above – your writing brings this image so much more alive for me. I adore this post, G!

    • Thank you, this is so nice to hear, also about your very personal connection with graphics’ cards. There was so much surprise involved here, and I loved that. Definitely a thankful little piece to transform, and I hope this was not the last one (will keep my eyes open for similar pieces, for sure). Again, thanks!

    • Wow, thank you! It seems that when you write about something you really love, it comes out the best. And I did love working on this little piece. Very glad to hear you like the photos as well, you just made my day here!

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