Haiku (IV)

Stuck in my own head
summer breeze will unlock me
Sun, please warm my back


One more week to go before the summer holiday starts. Almost one year since I saw my family, can’t wait to go “home”. Tired and impatient, and why is there always so little time left for all that needs to get wrapped-up before a break?

I am longing for some real summer. Sun, please warm me up, deep inside. And I need to pick up some pieces that seem to have slipped out of my hands throughout the past year. Time, please slow down for a moment, give me the chance to catch up.

After that I’ll be fit for a new working year, and I know it will be a good one.

Patination recipe for brass (blue-green colours)
Put tobacco (or saw dust) in a plastic box that you can seal well. Mix some ammonia and vinegar, add this to the tobacco/saw dust so that it becomes humid. Put the pieces of brass in, check every few hours and remove when you are satisfied with the colour. This is free from the memory, perhaps I sprinkled some salt on that sun-spiral as well, but I honestly can’t remember. For some proper patina instructions for copper and brass, see here (Jewelry Making Journal) or here (Jewelry Making Daily).  And be very careful with ammonia, do this outside if you can, make sure to protect your hands, nose/mouth and eyes!

Whatever season you are in, I hope the sun will catch you!

6 thoughts on “Haiku (IV)

  1. Where are you now that you have been away from “home” for so long? Why are you not “home” now? And thanks for the patina info. I have been looking for something like that for a while now. You are pretty cool.


    • I know that “home is where the heart is”, but here I mean geographically, the country, region and street where I grew up, hearing my mother tongue around me, seeing that my favourite candy from my childhood is still around, being at my parent’s place, being daughter for a while. See my daughter with her grandparents. Etc, etc. Home like in “roots”, perhaps. The imprint that stays, underneath the new homes we create during life. And when we go back to The Netherlands, of course we go “home” then, too. So nice to have more than one home!


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