Woven Tales in the Blogosphere

woventale4coverToday we will gaze into the blogosphere. Ready?

Follow the link to Worldometer’s real time blogging statistics (based on data from Technorati) and try to grasp the speed by which new blog posts are being published on the internet. I’ll wait here, so you go head and click that link now.

Did you do it? I don’t know what kind of numbers you got (we’re talking millions here), but I bet you weren’t able to even blink that fast!

It makes you feel pretty small, doesn’t it? It’s like gazing up to the stars and realise how tiny you are. In one way it’s a releif: Perhaps my problems of today don’t matter in the long run. In another way it’s a threat: But what about me, do I matter in all this, does anyone know I’m here?

I’m not saying this to disencourage any bloggers or make anyone feel small and unsignificant. On the contrary. You are reading this, aren’t you, so that means that you found my blog in this immense stream, just like I might have discovered and be a regular reader of your blog, or perhaps soon will discover it for the first time and start following what you share.

So why do I bring this up? I just want to say that I love the world, for all the different people that are in it. Blogging is a way to learn things about others (and about yourself, too). Blogs are like people, very diverse, showing different moods and characters, talking about different things, or the same things but in different ways.

There is also some great news in all this: The Woven Tale Press. If you don’t already know it, it is an eclectic mix of the blogging web. Writer and editor Sandra Tyler selects and presents blogs that she thinks deserve more attention. Let’s say, she offers an astronomer’s guidance into the blogosphere, to point you to some particular stars, so that you can stop that crazy live statistic clockwork for a moment, and take the time to look a little bit closer.

I hope this gives you some inspiration, either to submit something from your own blog to The Woven Tale Press, or to discover some new favourites. Or why not both?

Good luck, and happy surfing in the blogosphere. Don’t get lost, and I hope to see you out there!


6 thoughts on “Woven Tales in the Blogosphere

  1. Hi there – I noticed your comment with a link on Ks3nia’s blog – the sound ecology stuff. I love it, but don’t know that much about it and was happy to follow that link. Yes, it’s a big, beautiful world, and blogging really does open that up, more & more. So now I’ll check out the link9s0 above and explore here a bit – thanks!


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