Poppy talk

Poppies. Fields of colour. Fragile paper skirts. So short lived, the first dance is the last. They don’t need a scent to attract us. They don’t need to move into our homes to prove themselves in crowded flower vases . They just stay where they are, convinced that we will come to them.

I think we poppy-lovers would form an impressive club, if we would join forces worldwide to loudly praise (or secretly admire) this flower.

What I’m praising here is the poppy architecture, its skeleton. Because in the aftermath of that one-day dance party, you know there is this…


I’m thinking of how to translate this to metal, and of course there are many ways. Just look at the flat round tops with the crossed marks. Silver, copper…? Or… thousands of ways, as with anything. And if time allowed, I would bring out my linocut tools again, this looks so inviting for prints.

I want to share with you a few other poppy posts from earlier this year, from blogs that I do recommend:

Orange pop by poppytump

Summer whites by Bluebrightly

Delicate & Complex by Broken Light Photography Collective

So many different poppy versions out there: round or slender, colourful or pale, dressed or naked, alive or dead. Still poppies, and so beautiful.

In the meantime, I will not rush or force any ideas here, I’ll just do what any poppy would do: Stay where I am, and let the ideas (and the time) come to me.

I’m curious to know: Are there poppies where you live? And do you have a favourite here, the well-dressed dancing poppy or the naked well-shaped after-party version?

The poppy is dead, long live the poppy – I hope you get inspired!

12 thoughts on “Poppy talk

  1. I love your thoughts and shots regarding poppies —their variations in structural design and aesthetics of their dried seed pods.
    Some times of year one can see whole hillsides covered here in California by the official state flower—a delicate, orange “California Poppy” (scientific name: Eschscholzia californica),


    • That must be an amazing sight! It’s great when flowers “take over the scene” like that, whether in open fields or in the half shadow of a forest. It’s nature’s work as a painter, whether we watch or not, “just because”.


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  3. So, just thinking, we could each (you, poppytump, me, some others?) contribute photos of poppies and somehow create a post together with those. Then each of us would publish the post on our own blog and include links to one another’s blogs?


    • Yes, that could be one way to go. Or – if you would be willing to “host” the post – you publish it on your blog and we can reblog the post on our own blogs. What do you think works the best? Sorry it took me so long to get back on this, I just needed some time to think about it.
      (I was also thinking it could be something open, that people can keep adding to, but that doesn’t seem very easy to handle in the long run, and would we then not one day overdose on poppies, I wonder…? 😉 )


      • And I have been busy, but I don’t want to give up on the idea. We must keep thinking about it. I’m willing, but I guess it will take time to figure out how to get it together. I love the idea of something people could add on to but I don’t know how that could work. But even if it’s limited to one post with photos/artwork by a small number of people in the beginning, there could be another post later, on the same (or another) subject, and then more people would be included.


  4. Thank you so much – I am mostly off line this week as far as blogging goes but I’m glad I saw this, and your terrific photos – yes, I too love them in ALL their stages – hey, here’s an idea for when I have more time – a collaboration of poppy photos – from different bloggers, made into one post. Not sure how that would be done…


    • That’s a great idea you come up with here! I think it could be in any format, either photos only, or in any medium, including texts… Whatever way, I’m definitely interested! Enjoy your offline week, I do think that’s important too. Let the ideas cook slowly in the back of your head, don’t push. They’ll come to you when they are ripe.


  5. Oh, you phrase it so well here! In our little garden, they keep popping up here and there, and I never take them away, they seem to belong, in their very scattered manner.
    Me too, I’m wondering what this might lead to, linocut is tempting, but hey, I’m a jewellery maker, right…? 😉 We’ll just see.


  6. Hello G 🙂
    Oh Poppies … I do just love them !

    Not surprised you find them inspiring … so fragile but somehow enduring, as they appear in the most unexpected places after the time throwing seeds to the wind has long past …

    I wonder where YOUR Poppy creative thoughts and ideas will take you . Don’t forget to share 🙂
    PS thank you for the ping x !


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