What rules your life?

A question we need to ask ourselves now and then.

In the Prehistories exhibition at the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, a number of people from the past are being introduced to us. Skeletons and a few objects from their graves is the only evidence we have of their existence. We can not be sure of how they were thinking, what they beleived in or feared, or why they died the way they did.


The last part of this exhibition is a modern transit hall, with different gates, each gate with a specific question.

One gate is about What rules your life? and inside, you find yourself walking under a cloud of banners with different forces (or values) that may rule the way you live your life (in both Swedish and English):


300Again, I want to praise the exhibition skills of the staff at this museum. The way they build the transit from the past to today is so well done. Whereas I was personally very focused on the objects (need I mention especially the jewellery!), this part came as a welcome surprise. I like that in a museum, the chance to have my mind triggered in unexpected ways.

We all live under our own set of banners, our very own micro-cosmos of values. Don’t we all want to think that it is “ME MYSELF” who is ruling… but is that really so?

I do want to think that we are all capable of reviewing our values now and then, to keep the banners that support us and throw away the ones that hinder us.

What is it – really – that rules your life?

… pause for reflection…

What other banners could we add here… Social media? Technology? Food? Illness?

2 thoughts on “What rules your life?

    • Yes, I really loved how they connected past and present in this exhibition, and made you involved. (I have just now added two more photos to the post, btw, I hope they add to this sense of connection.)
      Thanks for your visit and comment, much appreciated!


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