Glow, memory

gr-glow-6A few weeks ago, my studio was the scene of a celebration. Our daughter turned 10 and invited four friends for a sleepover party.

We had removed the workbench to make space for them all (and for the extra beds).

In the evening, it was lights out and music on. They had glow-in-the-dark sticks that they wore around their wrists and ancles, and they went on to decorate the room as well.

The workbench is now back on its normal place again, but I have left the decorations where I found them. They do not glow anymore, but my memory does.


I am happy that my little studio could host the girls for this very special birthday. It adds a new memory to this space, and I’ll probably leave the sticks around for a while (until they start getting in my way).

And hey, did you notice, most of them are actually bracelets!

Do you remember when you turned 10? Was that birthday special to you?


6 thoughts on “Glow, memory

  1. Ah sleepovers ! Don’t the youngsters just love them, all manner of crazy fun in the house for the night .. usually ALL night πŸ˜‰
    Yes – lovely memories G .

    • We were lucky (and surprised!), they actually went to bed fairly on time. The day after we went swimming, which was a great way to end the whole thing, two hours of water fun (so I have some splashing memories too!).

  2. It’s funny your photo brought back memories of the party we threw for my sons 18th birthday, a couple of years ago now. We made it like a music club, stamping their hands as they came in….and we checked them for spirits!…..and giving them glow bands to wear. We had a marquee in the garden with live music…played by my husband, some of his friends and some of my sons friends…..lots of people had a turn, and the garden was decked in fairy lights ……we kept finding the glowing bands…minus their glow for weeks. Some one had even made a new collar for one of the cats!

    • Wow, this sounds like a fantastic birthday party (and 18 is also an important milestone in life). So good when the marks of celebration last for a while, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your memories, they make me glow too, what a brilliant idea!

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