Sieraad 2013: Sue Gregor


Black ginger roman cuff by Sue Gregor

It’s autumn here and leaves are covering the ground. Now we get the chance to see what they really look like. We can study them closely, their shapes and intricate patterns, perhaps bring some of them home?

Some of you share fantastic photos of those studies and we get to see solitary leaves, carpets of leaves, yellow, red or still greenish – the entire spectrum of autum.

That’s why I start my Sieraad Art Fair review to highlight Sue Gregor. She has developed a special technique to use leaves, ferns and petals in her jewellery designs. It all looks gorgeous, you want to get close, observe the details and bring it with you.

If you have this loving eye for leaves, you will enjoy exploring the collections on her website or her Facebook page.

And don’t think it’s only about earthy autumn tones here, you find plenty of bright summer colours too. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sieraad 2013: Sue Gregor

  1. I took a look at your link G … wow … such lovely work , wonderful interpretations of natures own art .
    You’ve obviously really enjoyed the Art Fair … and buzzing with ideas now I’m sure …

    • Oh yes, I did enjoy this fair very much, so much nice work to discover. I’m glad to hear that you like this first sample!
      My own ideas stay the same though, I just need to find the time. Somehow.

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