Sieraad 2013: Anna Fanigina


Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all), by Anna Fanigina/Verba

In the middle of the busy Sieraad Art Fair with so many different jewellery styles, seeing the works of designer Anna Fanigina was like coming to an oasis of serenity. Like sitting down to drink some fresh water and take a moment to reflect.

Through the semi-precious stones you can read a Latin  inscription in the bottom of the silver fitting.

In other pieces you see a teddy bear, or dancers.

Do take that moment to slow down and take in the words of the collections and enjoy the clean design. Not all quotes are available in English, but you can for sure find translations online.

So, off you go, to explore the Verba website or check the Facebook page!

Did you ever learn latin, by the way? Did you find it meaningul? I did learn some at school, for a few years, and although I have forgotten the grammar, some knowledge in Latin is a tremendous help in understanding the vocabulary of many (Western) European languages, including English.

If you have any thoughts, please share them!

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