30 days of gratitude

In November I did the 30-day gratitude photo challenge by Positively Present. Every day a new theme, every day something to be grateful for.

I decided to do it on my tumblr blog, as that’s where I also publish photos that do not relate to jewellery making. I’m still fairly new on tumblr and I was also curious to see how it differs (or not) from WordPress.

You are welcome to pop over there and have a look if you want to see the entire month. You can also see some of the gratitude photos down here.

Looking back at the gratitude images I chose, I do see a few red threads.


Our starting point in life. I’m grateful for: TRADITION – ART – MEMORIES – KINDNESS – FAMILY.


These are some of the gratitudes that go with nature: CHANGE – NATURE – KNOWLEDGE – ROUTINE.


None of us (or very few) would be out here doing what we are doing without photography. We can all be very grateful for this medium, and the fact that it has become available for so many of us. Here are some themes that me and my camera have captured: INDULGENCE –  SKY – SELF – REST – MOVEMENT.


A lot of what we see or create drills down to shapes and how we perceive or interpret them: CLOTHING – BEAUTY – TASTE – CREATIVITY.


How could I not be grateful for jewellery and the joy of making it, thinking about it, touching it, talking about it… Some of the aspects: COLOUR – TOUCH – COMFORT – SCENT – MUSIC.

What are you grateful for?

6 thoughts on “30 days of gratitude

  1. What a lovely thing to do….I might try it myself.
    It’s wonderful to look back and weave meaning and pattern into choices and acts. Your themes alone provoked thoughts about my own process, thanks for sharing.
    Can I ask if you ended up preferring tumbler or wordpress?

    • Do try it, and see what happens. For me, the value was most of all in reviewing afterwards what I had posted (more than that daily, focused gratitude).
      My preference is still with WordPress, but they are very different in character. Tumblr has no built in comment feature, you have to install Disqus for that (which I didn’t do yet). You can “like” and also re-blog what you like, and that is what a lot of people do, just re-share something that someone else already shared. This often seems (to me) like re-chewing the same content over and over again, but occasionally, something is re-blogged with a message that adds a new perspective to it, and you get a thread of different thoughts. WordPress seems to be a more protected space, where commenting is actively encouraged, and I think that overall, it invites for more personal interactions, and you find more original content.
      It’s interesting to compare different platforms, they are a bit like different worlds.

  2. Oh I love the strangers pods – I’ve seen that plant, can’t remember what it is, but it was a brilliant idea to photograph them this way. The buttons are really, really lovely. Anyone would be lucky to have those. A sweet and lovely post overall!

    • The pods are from a beech tree. I picked them in a park nearby, can’t remember why, probably just because I have always found them fascinating. At home I realised they could stand up. And yes, buttons can be pretty fascinating too!

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