They have the nerve…

… to pretend they are pearls. Look how they line up, taking themselves seriously. I don’t know which ones are the worst, the fake pearls or the glass beads, with their irregular, sharp corners.

Fake and sharpness joining forces, to give a gorgeous glimmer for around the neck.

I found the square shaped glass beads in a small shop in Barcelona, many years ago (I think somewhere on my way from Las Ramblas towards the MACBA, but am not sure).

Beads are not really “my thing”. I want to work with metal, or if not metal, with yarn or textile. I even wonder how those small glass beads caught my attention in the first place, because when you see them in that little plastic bag, they look… not very interesting at all. They don’t try to convince you to anything, really. What was I thinking?

Well, they turn out to show off pretty well when they get to reflect the light. I enjoyed working on this non-metal necklace. It was an unexpected distraction from my metal work. Perhaps the Daily bread necklace from earlier this year was a sparkle of some sort.

Wishing you a good start of the new year! May you discover new unexpected thrills and combinations and may you have the nerve to just go for it!

10 thoughts on “They have the nerve…

    • Thank you Adèle! I actually wasn’t sure first, this was an old necklace I found and didn’t know where it came from. Eventually I figured out they are not real pearls, BUT being vintage, they were still made with care and style, as everything back then.

  1. Oh G you made me smile … the very nerve …
    I love your necklace … the little glass beads remind me of pearly cut Angelica stems if there were ever such a thing 😉
    I have a string of pearls of my Mother’s which is very precious to me .

    • Oh, do hold on to the pearls from your mother, that is something very special to have! There is a certain magic around pearls.
      I just googled Angelica and learned what a beautiful plant it is, visually very inspiring, so thanks for your excellent educator skills here ;-).

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