Whirls in your mind?

Before I reveal where I got the inspiration for these earrings, I would love to hear what they make you think of (if anything?).

Some of you may have seen them as work in progress. If that is the case, forget what I already mentioned about them and just see what pops up in your own mind when you see them now.


Do not worry, there is no hidden agenda here. This is not a test, I will not assign a personality label on you – promise! I’m just genuinely interested to hear where your mind goes (if anywhere) when you see them.

It’s such a simple idea and I might continue to play with variations on this concept: two frames loosely held together by a whirl/twist/swirl/whatever-you-call-it. Who knows, perhaps your association will in turn give me some new inspiration?

Silver frames with a brass whirl. Exterior frame is 2,2 x 1,2 cm (or appr. 0,9 x 0,5 inch).

I look forward to your thoughts here!

21 thoughts on “Whirls in your mind?

  1. I thought of a ticker tape parade. Throwing the tape out the window of a high-rise office building out into the street and it is falling and unfurling!

    Yes, I really did think this!

    • Wow, your comment made me think of a (Swedish) song, where the first lines mention a curtain of light fabric that sways, just a tiny bit, in the summer breeze. Brings back memories, and a feeling of summer!

  2. The swirls remind me of curled ribbons wrapped around the square boxes of holiday or birthday presents! These earrings would be absolutely perfect for someone to buy a dear friend as a gift!

    • Funny, one would hardly need to wrap them then! 😉 This makes me think of how totally fascinated I was as a child, standing at the counter and watching with big eyes someone wrapping a gift, how they magically made swirls with a pair of scissors! Not to mention how thrilled I was when I had finally learned to do this myself! And look, now I can do them in metal too! Thanks for your input, much appreciated as always!

    • Thanks Karen, that’s an incredibly powerful association, if you think of how they manage to intuitively (as it seems) hang on wherever it’s necessary for them to do so. I love that soft photo of yours (could be one made of copper, btw).

    • That’s yet a new way of seeing it, as machinery! I like that idea, thank you! Makes me think… I could perhaps integrate some machine-like elements, tiny, tiny screws or something.

      • Yeah, I kind of thought of it as like one of those machines that spins the taffy, back and forth. Or like a reel to reel recording machine. Tiny, tiny screws would be cool.

  3. Right brain, left brain, thoughts always twirling… okay, that’s what popped into my head (now I can scroll up to read comments to see if you posted your inspiration.) I love the asymmetrical aspect, so similar but not the same.

    • The right brain, left brain idea is very interesting, again, a new way of seeing it – thank you so much for sharing it! I didn’t post the full story about these pieces yet, will have to wait until after the A to Z…

    • Oh, that’s a nice association! Few things smell so nice and clean as wood, I think. If there only was a way to bring that fresh smell onto metal… 😉 Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated!

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