Roșia Montană: Sad or happy?

sad_happyWould you like to influence history? Perhaps you can.

Again, I come back to Roșia Montană in Romania and the fierce fight of the people against the plans to exploit the area for gold and silver. I also wrote about it in September and December last year.

If you want to support this fight, there is now a crowdfunding campaign running at Indiegogo: Rosia Montana: Community vs Corporation in Court.

Watch this touching story, that starts thousands of years ago and brings you right up to the global economy we live in today. Perhaps you can influence history here?

You can suport the campaign until 7 April 2014.

3 thoughts on “Roșia Montană: Sad or happy?

  1. Truly beautiful place with historical values, but aren’t they able to do both, with today’s knowledge and technic. It also creates jobs and it brings money into the country. Not an easy choice and a very fine line to walk.


    • In this case most of the profit would go to the Canadian mining company. To get the gold, they have to pulverise the mountain and use cyanide lakes to extract the gold, so the area would get heavily polluted. Four mountain tops would disappear. Imagine to pick an area in the Stockholm archipelago and erase the islands there. It’s a change forever. The conflict has been going on for 15 years, some people have moved from their houses, others refuse. The parliament modifies laws to support the exploitation and hinders other income sources (tourism f ex). The whole country is in uprising. Yes, it’s a difficult conflict, this.


      • Gunilla, the same with our rivers and the shortage of energy – a very fine line … and I’m so glad that they invest more in the wind farms.
        My grandma said for years that all those nature catastrophes, like earthquakes … happens because we empty the earth on everything – we just take and take … gas, oil, steel, gold, water and we give nothing back. Mother Earth is getting weaker and weaker – I believe she were right. She has been dead since 1983.


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