8 March, the jewellery

Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. To celebrate this, Joyeros Argentinos offer an online exhibition of contemporary jewellery: Conmemoración del día de la Mujer.

They do this to honor the women who have been pushing for change before us and those still fighting, and to maintain the awareness of human rights.

The backside of the whole “day-of” concept is of course the question: What about the remaining 364 days of the year?

I will not go into a discourse on this now. Here, I want to remind you how jewellery – as any art form – can tell stories, evoke emotions, ask questions, make you wonder, make you feel seen or recognised, or just make you smile. Every day of the year.

So, here is a warm thank you to Joyeros Argentinos and all your artists, for offering us this women jewellery exhibition, available for us to see, every day of the year. ¡Gracias!

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do!


5 thoughts on “8 March, the jewellery

  1. Thanks for sharing … some beautiful jewellery – my favorite is; Matilde Moreno Vera – Sin título – which I think is a nacklace.

    • That one is wonderful, makes me think of water/ice, or yarn. I have many favourites, can’t choose actually, but if I try, it’s Laura Giusti (three pieces) and Paula Isola “Bañistas”. En Tali Wasserman “La duda”. And… so difficult to just pick a few!

      • Yes, there was some stunning pieces. Visited Paula’s website … Just as you – Bañistas –has such a beautiful shade of turquoise too. Love the ring with the knee bending figure (woman) I suppose, but why have her on her knees????

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