Amber heart

AA for Amber heart, in the Blogging from A to Z.

In the past, people believed that amber would protect you from ghosts and trolls.

I fell in love with this little amber heart in the online jewellery collection of Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. That is the very collection that inspired me to pick this theme for the A to Z: online jewellery collections.

“Amber heart, hanging on white silk ribbon” is how it’s described in the museum archive, with an additional note “to hang around the neck to stay protected from ghosts or trolls”. It was handed in to the museum in April 1917 by Mrs Hanna Jönsson.

That is all I know about it.


Photo: Mona-Lisa Djerf (?), Nordiska Museet

This seems to be a good start for a blogging challenge. I now put this heart around my neck. Not much has changed. It’s a wild world out there and we still have to be aware of trolls.



16 thoughts on “Amber heart

  1. I agree, this was an auspicious start to your blogging Challenge. It’s a beautiful piece, and I like your whimsical closing sentence. Wear it well (virtually or otherwise), and be safe from trolls!


  2. Shows how little experience I have of amber, what a great colour. I have only noticed the ‘clearer’ types. Am I alone in looking for the trapped insects, ancient history to wonder while wearing, beautiful.


  3. Beautifully presented G . You’ll have to watch that heart of yours , seems there are number of us after it 😉


    • Yes, I think this would match with most colours and styles. I could even wear it with that handwritten little archive note still attached (but that’s perhaps a bit over the top? 😉 )


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