C C for Close-up in the Blogging from A to Z challenge, about online jewellery collections.

With the risk of stating the obvious: Online collections with top quality photos let you see the pieces really close.

Here an example from – again – the digital collection Smycken, offered by Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.


NM.0306420_stureringenThis ring is from the second half of the 16th century. It is beleived to have belonged to Sten Sture the Younger and is simply known as “the Sture ring”.

Now, here is what I really wanted to show you: the ten highlights in Guldkorn, which is an app. Guldkorn simply means grain of gold, a way to say the best of the best, a treasure.

So, in Guldkorn, you first choose what device you’re on (dator/computer or surfplatta/tablet). Then you can click on any of the pieces to study them more closely and read about them. For the text, you always find an English version too.

I find the Sture ring extremely fascinating, both for the drama’s around the people it (probably) belonged to, and for the skills to make such a piece!

What’s your favourite among the ten?







12 thoughts on “Close-up

  1. Gunilla – I’m so glad you are undertaking this “blogging challenge” again this round! I really enjoyed reading your posts on this last time; looking forward to your fun, fresh perspectives in the coming weeks!

    • For that kind of work you not only need time (which he had lots of, obviously!), but an incredible patience. What an interesting personality, to be able make such delicate work but also be known as a “ruthless field marshal”.

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