GG for Graffiti in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. About online jewellery collections, so how does graffiti fit in?

I recently discovered the Ancient Peoples blog on tumblr. It’s run by a group of history students who share objects from ancient civilisations, 3000 AD to 500 AD. They share images from different museum collections, so their blog becomes in itself a collection.

Of course, the blog features jewellery too, like this fancy Greek gold hairnet or the Roman fish earring or the Celtic ring.

But something else that I found on this blog was the graffiti. If you thought it’s something of today to scribble down commentaries on a wall, here are some writings from walls in Pompeii, the Roman city that was destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Amantes ut apes vita mellita exigunt

Lovers, like bees, lead a honey-sweet life

Fortunate animula dulcis perfututor scribit qui novit

Fortunatus, charming little soul, a thorough f**er. Written by one who knows.

Mea vita meae deliciae ludamus parumper hunc lectum campum me tibei equom esse putamus

My life, my beloved, let us play for a little while; let us imagine this bed our field and me your stallion.

Learn more about Reading the writing on Pompeii’s walls (Smithsonian) or see more graffiti listed here, with notes on when they were found and in what building.

O wall, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.

5 thoughts on “Graffiti

    • Thank you! Such skills they had, I wish I could travel back in time to see them work on these pieces, or wear them, for that matter. And then I’d leave a note on the wall that I love that fish earring! 😉

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