Language rings

LL for Language rings in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. I’m focusing on online jewellery collections.

Here is a set of rings – 94 to be more exact – with inscriptions in different languages: French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. One ring mentions the year 1836.

They are thin, with tiny letters.

I have tried to read the inscriptions, but only a few letters show on the image.



The photo above is from the online collection Smycken. I have also seen the rings “live” when I visited the jewellery exhibition at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm last summer. In the dark and with a regular camera, the image did not turn out very sharp.



I keep trying.

Is that some real amore that I spot in the crowd? The beginning of a lifelong fidelité? Anyone whispered aime…? Are they here just for wänskap (friendship)?

I like this mix of languages. But it’s also an odd mix. Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me on the possible background to this particular mix? Was this a Mediterranean tradition that found its way up to the cold North?

The rings are like a crowd. From distance, we can’t hear what they say, nor understand their bonds with each other. I don’t necessarily need to know. I just enjoy the crowd and wish them all the best.

Did you ever have any jewellery with an inscription? If today you would pick one single word for a ring, what word would that be?

4 thoughts on “Language rings

    • Thanks! And another word I had to check first, to be sure… “the quality of being faithful and dependable”. Wow, there seems to be a lot of good characters and intentions in that crowd!

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