MM for Masterpieces in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It’s all about what you can find in online jewellery collections.

Today I want to introduce you to the Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces (VCM). In this digital project, masterpieces from 120 Asian and European museums are displayed.

What is a masterpiece, anyway? Don’t you have to be very knowledgeable to take such a big word in your mouth?

As I kept browsing this site, I started feeling more relaxed about it. I begin to understand that there are so many different ways to define a masterpiece.

In this video, Masterpiece, my Choice, Asian and European students and professionals in the cultural fields reveal their masterpieces. As you can see, it can be as easy as a nice hot coffee in the morning. Now we’re talking!

I couldn’t help browsthumb_540x420_19131-29118 MNAOR_19131-29118 MNAORing the jewellery in this collection. Based on the easy-going “gut reaction” philosophy, this is what I find a masterpiece:

A gold necklace from Iran, 2200-1900 BC (Giuseppe Tucci National Museum of Oriental Art, Italy). It looks so contemporary, it’s a necklace we would still be wearing today.

I’ll have this one, please. With a nice hot coffee in the morning. Thank you!

What is a masterpiece to you?

2 thoughts on “Masterpieces

  1. Thank you for this great link! I feel sure that I will return to it again, and will send it to other people as well. Oh, and love the gold necklace that, yes, looks so contemporary. (Too tired to write anymore tonight, forgive me.)

    • I’m glad to hear that it can be useful to you! Perhaps you’ll find your own masterpieces in the collections (when you have some time, like after the A to Z!). Thanks for your comment!

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