SS for Storytime in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. My focus is on online jewellery collections.

My initial idea about online jewellery collections as a theme was this: To pick a piece of jewellery and write a story around it.

At some point my survival instinct hit in and told me that this would mean a lot of preparation, and I should start writing well in time. This would require research into different historical events and eras. Plus the writing. Times 26.

I abandoned the idea, but I still want to try it a tiny bit, so here we go. Please accept a humble attempt in haiku format:

We thought we’d lost them
Grandma’s blue eyes on a string
Gone the memories

Deep down in a box
Confused, moved, then back again
VERA’S “BLUE”, then tears

6 thoughts on “Storytime

  1. Love this haiku and the phrase ‘Grandma’s blue eyes on a string…’ and the necklace looks very precious too, I think it’s a wonderful idea to do a story around jewellery collection and perhaps this could be a theme for next year??? 🙂


    • Well, if I decide now, I would have enough time to prepare it! I think it would be a great way to learn a lot as well. But first finish this round, still a few tricky ones coming up… Thanks for your encouraging words!


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