Teeth and bones

TT for Teeth and bones in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

In this alphabetical journey through online jewellery collections, the letter T remained a blank for me.

I left it open and today is the day I have to decide. I will go for an idea I got earlier thanks to Josna at Tell Me Another and her response to my post about Hair.

So I did some search for tooth and teeth, and got some bones with it too.

In the online collection of the British Museum, I did find some jewellery made of human teeth. Don’t worry, you can not just stumble upon it by accident. Instead of an image, there is a warning text “This record is about a culturally sensitive object or photograph… Please use it with respect” and you have to click on the thumbnail to see the image.

In the online collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum I found jewellery and other things made of animal teeth. I’m not allowed to republish their images as far as I understand, but perhaps I can tease you to click on a few teeth related links:

  1. Ring from around 1200-1300, England/France. Gold, wolf’s tooth. The most adorable piece of wolf’s tooth one can imagine, not to mention its magical powers.
  2. Teething ring 19th century, England. Carved ivory, mother-of-pearl handle and silver head of Mr Punch. I understand British people will recognise this figure?
  3. Toothpick, around 1620, England. You just have to see this one, and remember, taking good care of your teeth won’t kill you!

In the collection Smycken of Nordiska Museet, jewellery made of teeth, bone and ivory are grouped together. Here are some Sami pieces from Lapland, I would guess made of reindeer antler, a traditional material in Sami art and craft.

Thank you Josna for giving me the inspiration!

4 thoughts on “Teeth and bones

  1. Being a Dentist, I was quite intrigued about the teeth jewelry ! Thank you for sharing them.

    There is a current cosmetic craze called the Teeth Tattoo. I suppose you might be interested in them !

    • I didn’t know about Teeth Tattoos, so that is something new for me to explore. I’m not into tattoos, but spontaneously, I feel I would more likely tattoo a tooth (in a not visible place) than my skin. I have no idea why I feel this way… You gave me something to think about here!

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