Unstraight museum

UU for The Unstraight museum in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

My focus this April is on online jewellery collections. I also come across other online collections that I think deserve attention, jewellery or no jewellery.

The Unstraight museum is a museum that exists only online. No need to get a ticket or find a parking space, just click on the link and enter.

This is a collection where you get to see the “unstraight” life stories, ignored or silenced in real life and also in museums and the way history is being told.

This project started in 2007 and is a user generated site with LGBT stories and thoughts from around the world.

It spans over thousands of years, from this 9000 year old skeleton (can a woman be a fisher?), to this Warrior helmet from Vendel (a 7th century warrior mask for men and perhaps women too?) up to the contemporary Smurf with a broom (can the male dominated Smurf society encourage children to think beyond the traditional gender frames?).

It covers initiatives on international level, as the Yogyakarta Principles Comic (a comics publication about human rights and gender issues, originally published in Indonesia, later translated into English, French and Dutch) as well as local level, as in I’m every Lesbian (a city map about lesbian life in Tirana, Albania).

It goes down to 53186_ca_object_representations_media_115_mediumthe very personal level, as in A string of berries, where this Swedish tradition of beading a grass straw with wild strawberries is a truly heartfelt action from one person to another, no matter the context.

Perhaps the entire idea of this museum can be summarised by this item, A pen.

As a side-note, this Sweden based online initiative will talk about its work in an upcoming conference: The Un-Straight Museum, that takes place at the Museum of Liverpool 13-14 June.

I’m glad I stumbled upon The Unstraight Museum. I think it’s for everyone, straight or unstraight, because there are always so many different stories that need to be told. And listened to.


If you have any thoughts, please share them!

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