Your own gallery

YY for Your own gallery in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

Throughout April I’ve been exploring online jewellery collections.

I can not leave the challenge without having mentioned the Rijksmuseum, based in Amsterdam. 800 years of Dutch history, from 1200 up until today.

The Rijksmuseum was closed for ten years for renovation (which you can read more about here) and opened again in 2013, with much festivities.

More interesting than that, they have made their collections available online, and you are allowed to play with them, because there is this: The Rijksstudio. Here you can create your own gallery where you save your favourite images from the collections, AND you can also make your own creations, inspired by the collection. Your own art in your own gallery.

To show an example, here is a collection I immediately fell for, with jewellery details from portraits: Halsschmuck by Stefanie Kristina Werner. That’s an idea that speaks to me.

And what a coincidence, there is a Rijksstudio galeriaredelius as well! Looks like someone interested in jewellery, and with some Swedish connection probably… She’ll have to clean it up though, it looks messy right now. Lacking plan and organisation, and there is not much in it. Probably set up in a rush. I’ll tell her to get it sorted. One of these days.

And you, will you open your own Rijksstudio? How will you use it?

Update 2 May:
When I was writing this post, I was thinking of mixed media artist Meta of green in the middle. I remembered once reading on her blog that she uses the collection of Rijksmuseum for her works, but did not find the post(s) back. She now confirms in her comment that she indeed uses the collection. Have a look at her website, f ex on Dutch Golden Age/gouden eeuw (where I guess that some source material is from the online collection) and don’t miss to explore the other categories as well. She shares her work and work progress on her blog, in English and Dutch. Lovers of textile/mixed media art are in for a treat!


8 thoughts on “Your own gallery

    • Ja, ik dacht inderdaad aan jou maar was niet helemaal zeker… Ik heb nu een update geplaatst (laat mij weten als er iets is wat niet klopt). Ik vind jou werk juist een fantastisch voorbeeld voor wat er kan gebeuren als musea hun collecties beschickbaar stellen! Dank je voor je commentaar!

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