Fnurra – the journey

This may be a weird title, but fnurra simply means a kind of whirl in Swedish. When there is a fnurra på tråden (a whirl on the line) it means there is a glitch, a communication problem between two people, mostly in relationships.

I can’t remember exactly at what point I started observing the electric cables above the railroad, but the first time I took photos was at our trip to Switzerland in December 2012.

This was no leisure trip, but a quick back and forth Amsterdam-Luzern, for a second opinion from a medical specialist. My husband has a tumor in his ear. It is classified as benign, but has made him deaf on that ear and if allowed to grow, it would eventually threat vital functions.

IMG434-bIn order to get a complete picture of what the possible treatments were at that point, we headed off to Luzern, the two of us. Our daughter stayed with a friend. Night train to Luzern, specialist appointment over day, night train back.

It was nice to travel together, to talk to strangers in the train. To do something out of the ordinary, to get away shortly. But you will understand that there wasn’t really much woo-hoo! about this whole trip.

As we were waiting to board the train in Amsterdam, my eyes stared at the elegant – and seemingly useless – bows of cables above the rail. In our travel context, I felt that they were in a way a fnurra på tråden. Our travel was based on a physical glitch, something not right. A body that creates fuss and confusion and worries, cells doing things they should not be doing. Something that needs to be put right.

I insist to see the positive, to see the beauty. I wonder if railroad engineers see that beauty too? I wonder how the talk goes at their work, is it something like: “You should have seen the cable bows I made today, I managed to get a double bow with only so-and-so much cable!” “Oh, really, that’s cool!” Or is it like: “Oh no, this week we have to do that messy cable thing, I hate it…”


I wanted to make something messy but beautiful. A fnurra that you can gladly wear. Make the best of the medical mess.

Earrings was the best kind of jewellery for this, I thought.


And it was only when I had written this, that I realised what a good fit it is to make earrings for an ear tumor!

If you wonder: In the end, my husband chose for treatment here in The Netherlands and the outcome was good.

In the next post I’ll tell you how my ideas developped.

14 thoughts on “Fnurra – the journey

  1. Gunilla, I love the way you describe your story—ordeal blended with and softened by imagination and an eye (and heart) for what’s curious and beautiful.
    Just as you show us the fnurra (glitch) in the line, you remind us how it keeps the train on track. Yes! Thank you for your good and meaningful post.
    Best wishes to you, your husband and family.

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  3. Best wishes for healing for your husband. And I love how the art and your life are intertwined. There is a certain pattern to this story that seems complete. Thanks for posting.

    • I think that sometimes it helps to put your focus on something that is related, but still different. To charge a bad situation with some positive energy. If that makes sense? Actually, as I write this, I realise that it may have been a way for me to take control over a situation that was actually beyond my control.

  4. Am only just catching up G .. so glad the outcome was so positive … You have a most wonderful outlook and attitude. Bravo x

    • It helps a lot that my husband is a fighter and has a very constructive mindset, he focuses on supporting others with similar problems. We often think “it could all be much worse”.

  5. Gunilla, I love the beauty of all the photographs you took and posted here (and the resulting earrings!) I hope for all positive “vibes” for your husband’s recovery. Very positive way to channel all of the energy you must be feeling.

    • Thank you so much! It felt so good to have this project in the background, it didn’t change anything in the situation, but it gave me some kind of voice, for myself.

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