Fnurra – the earrings

Hereby, I’ll close the Fnurra trilogy.

I realise I speak like an IKEA catalogue here, and I have to admit that I love it: to step out on the global scene with strange Swedish words and just expect people to play along.

Ear-rings. My amulette towards illness. My shiny sign of victory over illness. My secret support, should illness still strike. I introduced the story here.

Not to forget – and this is important too – that the whirls are so fun to work with. I mean, are there any limits to how you can use them?

And what do they make you think of? Some of you already shared your ideas in comments to this post here (thank you!). Feel free to add your own, if you didn’t already.

We won over the tumor, the cables still bow in electric elegance and life goes on.

Session closed.

8 thoughts on “Fnurra – the earrings

  1. I like your “whirls” as they make me think “free” even though the inspiration are cables connected to everything that needs a source of power.

  2. Hi Gunilla, I read you fnurra story, and the idiom ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ comes to my mind. The earrings have turned out beautifully. And I am glad to hear that your husband’s treatment had positive results. Thanks for sharing your story.

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